Investigation of Scientific Creativity Levels of Elementary School Students Who Enrolled In a STEM Program

Selvet Ece Genek, Zerrin Doganca Kucuk


This research aimed to evaluate the scientific creativity levels of second, third and fourth-grade students who enrolled in a STEM course throughout the academic year. The sample consisted of 85 elementary school students in two private schools in Antalya. "Scientific Creativity Test" and "Student Demographic Questionnaire" were the instruments in the study. It was found that the scientific creativity level of the students showed a statistically significant difference with respect to their grade level. There were no significant differences in the context of other variables (gender, number of siblings, parental occupation, favorite course, the most successful course, future occupation). In this paper, selected student responses are presented together with a comparison with the existing curricula and the implemented STEM curriculum and a discussion of the findings. It was concluded that the implemented STEM program had positive effect on scientific creativity of the students.


STEM education, scientific creativity, elementary education

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