The effect of teaching of the 7th grade ‘the cell and divisions’ unit through REACT strategy on learning

Özlem Erdoğan Karaş, Şeyda Gül


The aim of this study is to examine the effect of teaching of the 7th grade ‘The Cell and Divisions’ unit through REACT strategy on learning. A quasi-experimental method was employed in the study. The sample of the study consists of a total of 60 students in the 7th grade of a randomly determined secondary school located in the center of Trabzon Vakfıkebir during the academic year 2018-2019. The data were collected through ‘Cell and Divisions Achievement Test’ developed by researchers. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics (mean values, standard deviation), dependent and independent-samples t-tests and gain score formula developed by Hake (1998). The findings showed that there were statistically differences between the students’ pretest, posttest and retention test scores in favor of experimental group. Finally, the suggestions for future studies were made.


REACT strategy, cell and divisions, learning

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