The Effects of Guided Inquiry-Based Learning Implementations on 4th Grades on Matter; A Case Study

Ganime Aydın


This study aimed to examine the effects of guided inquiry-based learning (GIBL) implementations applied to fourth-grade students in a Turkish rural school on both students and elementary teacher.It was designed as a case study using qualitative data in the form of structured student interviews, journaling by the teacher, video recordings, and observations by the researcher. 15 GIBL experiments with 5E learning model in structured classroom rather than laboratory integrated with curriculum outcomes were conducted with 42 students. The results of student’s interviews showed positive effects of GIBL implementations on the learning of concepts, willingness to learn science, group working, and the attitude of their teacher. GIBL implementations helped the teacher to realize her role in relation to the students, awareness of the required competencies, skills and self-confidence.


Guided inquiry-based learning, Elementary teacher, 4th grades, matter

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