The Comparison of Nationalism and Civic Education Value Between Indonesian And Malaysian Elementary School Textbook

Taufik Muhtarom


This research aim is to know how the values of nationalism and civic education lesson are taught and to know in what ways the similarities and the differences in the form or pattern of presentation of the values of nationalism and civic education lesson in the elementary school textbooks in Indonesia and Malaysia. This research is a type of qualitative research using content analysis method. The sample in this study were two elementary school textbooks in the third and fourth grades of the official ministry of education in Indonesia and Malaysia. The research result reveals that the way to present the value of nationalism and the civics lesson is through a story, narrative text, song/ poetry/ letter, classroom activities, images/ symbol/ pictures, and factual news. The second result reveals that there were similarities and differences in the insertion of the values of nationalism and civic lessons in both textbooks from Indonesia and Malaysia.


nationalism value; civic lesson; textbook analysis

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