Artistic Supervision Model Development for Improved Pedagogic Competence of Primary School Teachers

Nafiah Nafiah, Ibrahim Bafadal, Achmad Supriyanto, Imron Arifin


The purpose of this study was to develop an artistic supervision model in improving pedagogic competence of elementary school teachers and to analyze the influence of the artistic supervision model application for improved pedagogic competence of elementary school teachers in Surabaya Indonesia. This study used a qualitative and quantitative approach by using research and development (R & D) methods. The data collection techniques used in this study were questionnaires, documentation, observation sheets. The data analysis technique used was quantitative descriptive, that is, one sample t-test, and sensible t-test. The results showed that the effective procedure for the artistic supervision model consisted of four steps, namely 1) observation (Observing) using sensitivity, perceptions, and knowledge of the principal, 2) exploring teacher problems (Explore Teacher Problem). 3) Asking the teacher to check the observation notes (Member check), 4) delivering the results of supervision and providing assistance for the teacher (Helping teacher). The application of the artistic supervision model had a binding effect on the improvement of the pedagogic competence of the elementary school teachers in Surabaya Indonesia with a correlation value of 0.606 with a significance of 0.004 meaning that the correlation between pedagogic competence before and after the application of the artistic supervision models is strong and significant.


Artistic, Supervision Model, Pedagogic Comptence, Teachers

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