A Systematic Review of Teachers’ Questioning in Turkey between 2000-2018

Başak Çalık, Meral Aksu


This study aimed at reviewing the research in Turkey to understand the current condition on teachers’ questioning. Having examined the studies between 2000-2018 years, 37 studies were found to be eligible to include. Among these studies, 86% of them were in qualitative, 11% of them were in quantitative and 3% of them were in mixed methods scope. To generate the most common themes, content analysis was employed, and three themes were generated: Types of Questions, Cognitive Levels of Questions, and Use of Questioning Techniques. Accordingly, pre-service and in-service teachers generally asked closed-ended questions and the questions at the lowest thinking levels. Studies mostly covered the techniques related to the selection of students, wait time, providing feedback and correctives, prompting and cueing, redirecting and rephrasing the question, use of the body language and the voice. Regarding the findings, it is crucial to develop both pre-service and in-service teachers’ skills on questioning.

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