Translation and validation of the reformed teaching observation protocol into Turkish

Tuğba Temiz, Mustafa Sami Topçu


The purposes of this study were to adapt the Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) into Turkish context, to examine the validity and the reliability of the scores obtained from this form and to address preservice science and mathematics teachers’ (PSMT) constructivist-based instruction quality. A total number of 114 PSMT from a university in Turkey participated in this study. The construct validity of them was estimated by exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The results of confirmatory factor analysis verified that the scale with 25 items consists of four subscales as proposed. Each dimension derived from factor analysis had a satisfactory reliability value. As a result, this study provided the Turkish adaptation of the RTOP observation form, providing evidences for reliability, to the field. Moreover, it could be explained that PSMT could instruct their lessons appropriate for constructivist-based teaching method effectively with respect to the results of this study.

Keywords: Adaptation of observation protocol, reformed teaching observation protocol, constructivist-based teaching, preservice science and mathematics teachers

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