The Visible Side of the Hidden Curriculum in Schools

Rahime Çobanoğlu, Cennet Engin Demir


Going beyond the common sense view of the schools, this study aims at moving attention to informal aspects of schooling through exploring its hidden curriculum. To achieve this end, a review of the studies conducted on hidden curriculum is introduced on the basis of four major themes highlighted in the literature: (a) the definition of the hidden curriculum, (b) the methods for the inquiry into the hidden curriculum, (c) the potential influences of the hidden curriculum on students’ learning, and (d) the ways to cope with the hidden curriculum. An analysis of hidden curriculum studies conducted in Turkey additionally was presented to demonstrate the impact of the hidden curriculum across contexts. Overall, this study is expected to contribute to the critical inquiry of educational practices that convey hidden messages.

Key Words: hidden curriculum, hidden curriculum in Turkey, review of literature

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