Adaptation and Examining Psychometrical Properties of Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI) in Turkey

Gülce Alev, Ibrahim Halil Diken, Avsar Ardıç, Özlem Diken, Güçlü Şekercioğlu, James Gilliam


The purpose of this study was to explore the validity and reliability of Turkish version of the Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (TV-PLSI). Participants included 1383 individuals with normal development (5-12 years of age; 705 male and 678 female). Data were also collected from individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism in order to examine discrimination validity of the TV-PLSI. After carrying out Turkish translation procedure, reliability and validity of TV-PLSI were explored by conducting a series of analyses. Results yielded that TV-PLSI is a reliable and valid assessment tool to be used with individuals with semantic-pragmatic disorders in Turkey.

Keywords: Autism, pragmatic language, assessment, PLSI, validity, reliability, Turkish sample.


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