Adaptation of Awareness of Independent Learning Inventory (AILI) to Turkish: Validity and Reliability Study

Yavuz Sökmen, Yasemin Taş, Savaş Yeşilyurt, Ahmet Nalçacı


In this study, it was aimed to adapt the Awareness of Independent Learning Inventory (AILI), designed by Meijera et al. (2013) to measure university students’ metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive skills, and metacognitive attitude levels, to Turkish and to do the validity and reliability study of the Turkish version of this inventory. For this purpose, three different studies were conducted. The first study was done with 25, the second with 291, and the third with 303 pre-service teachers. In the adaptation process, language experts were brought in to judge the linguistic validity of the inventory. Confirmatory factor analyses were done on the data. According to the fit indices, the proposed three-factor structure was found to be consistent with the data set.  Cronbach Alpha coefficients for the sub-dimensions of the scale were found as 0.81 for the metacognitive knowledge sub-dimension (13 items), 0.85 for the metacognitive skills sub-dimension (13 items), and 0.79 for the metacognitive attitudes sub-dimension (10 items). According to the findings of the study, it can be claimed that the Turkish version of the AILI, BÖFE (Bağımsız Öğrenme Farkındalığı Envanteri) is a valid and reliable scale to measure metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive skills, and metacognitive attitudes.

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